This is my “Now” page1 that I’ll update with my latest life news and what has my attention (Last edit: 5/26/21)


Austin, TX. We’ve now lived in ATX for almost two years. The first year afforded us the opportunity to attend ACL music festival, find some great food, and spend some quality time at the library. The second year, we mostly stayed home. I worked in the yard, learned some songs on the guitar, and polished off our adoption application. We’re now parents of a baby boy. Also, this year, Ash and I celebrate ten years of marriage.


After helping plant a church in Dallas and working at an established church in Austin, I now practice ministry as a hospital chaplain. Now, in my fourth and final unit of a residency program, I have the sense that the hospital will not be the context of chaplaincy for me. As I continue to reflect on my experience, I will post here under the CPE tag.

Thinking and Reasearching

The philosophy of technology always has my ear. Lately, I’m following what Michael Sacasas and Alan Jacobs are into. I also like reading what theology Richard Beck is working on.

Narrative/Poetic medecine and spiritual direction

The theology of humor

Poetics of Prayer @Izak