CPE Residency: Eight highlights in eight months of work

  1. Learning the rhythm of “action, reflection, action.”

  2. Working on how to do cold-call ministry by walking up to a stranger and inviting them to talk about God and their emotions with God thru their emotions.

  3. The joy and frustration of working in a residency and interdisciplinary team of which I must see myself as a vital member, equipped with agency to change what I don’t like about the system.

  4. I’ve learned how to sleep while on call after more than a couple nights spent staring at the ceiling, waiting for my phone to ring.

  5. Attending transitions in care and patient deaths and discovering that there are no right words for the moment. When any words do come that aren’t terrible, they squirm, wild and fresh, from the silence and tears shared with those in grief.

  6. The new practice of remembering a highlight or something I did well for the day. I’ve integrated this practice into the vocabulary I know from Ignatian spirituality: consolation and desolation.

  7. Self-compassion (a Loving, Connected Presence) is a lifelong practice encouraged by scripture. How can I love my neighbor as myself if I don’t account for God’s love given to me, in Christ.

  8. Discovering that conversation is prayer wherein I work to overhear and help others overhear what we say out loud.

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