The Difference Between Contemplation and Meditation

According to Kyle Strobel's reading of Jonathan Edwards and Puritan spirituality, there is a vital difference between Contemplation and meditation (31:07 min mark in podcast).


A holding of one's attention on scripture and doctrine. "When their mind wandered they would wrestle with themselves, naming the truth." "Being watchful" of your heart.


Here he makes the distinction between "natural" and "supernatural" contemplation.

a) Natural: Set mind and heart on an object of our attention and desire so that we can be one with it. b) Supernatural: Ps 27, Contemplate: "temple with" To be with God in his temple.

Here is what proves most particularly Puritan: Attending to God. If the heart wanders, bring it back to God. Set your mind on things above.

A second type of contemplation grows out of the quiet, solitude habit and into the practice of the presence of God.

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