Kyle Strobel

Here are five things I've learned from Kyle Strobel after listening to a smattering of podcasts with him. Two of my favorites were:

  1. "When you are in the presence of God and your heart condemns you, God is greater than your heart." I John 3
  2. Because the Spirit prays our reality to the Father, Strobel says, God hears us "In stereo".
    • Me: "Everything's great here, God...I hope you're doing will. It's all super."
    • Spirit in me: "uuuuggghhh"
  3. We come to the father, in Christ, by the Spirit.
  4. Contemplation: "Being with God in his temple," setting the mind on things above.
  5. Use the method of prayer that the Psalmist does. The Puritans prayed this way and called it soliloquy.
    • Psalm 42, "Why be downcast, O my soul, hope in God..."
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