"Emptied Himself"

Gerard Hopkins, Letters:

‘This mind was in Christ Jesus’—[St. Paul] means as man: being in the form of God—that is, finding, as in the first instant of his incarnation he did, his human nature informed by the Godhead—he thought it no matching-matter for him to be equal with God, but annihilated himself, taking the form of servant: that is, he could not but see what he was, God, but he would see it as if he did not see it, and be it as if he was not, and instead of snatching at once at what all the time was his, or was himself, he emptied himself so far as that was possible of Godhead and behaved only as God’s slave, as his creature, as man, which also he was, and then being in the guise of man humbled himself to death.

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